AI Dating - How AI is Changing The Way We Date

Current problems in the dating apps market

The current dating apps market has a ton of different concepts from the classic Tinder, you just swipe, and if both people like each other they match. So far that sounds good and there shouldn’t be any problem with that. In Bumble, for example, women have to text first, which should help women manage the sheer volume of text they might otherwise receive in apps like Tinder.

This is where the problem lies. On average, men swipe right 33% of the times, so on every 3rd person. Women only swipe right 6.2% of the time so on every 16th person. This plus that 75% of all Tinder users are male, leads to a clear imbalance.

I mean who has not witnessed it, you first don’t get any likes, or if you finally have a match you get ghosted after 2 messages. Women are definitely not to blame for this, in the end it is the system. It is just natural that if we have tons of options we will tend to go for the best option or just get overwhelmed by the sheer number of messages.

Tinder for example puts their premium members likes on top of the stack of the women that they liked to increase their chances. Well that might be great for the premium subs, but as the average dude without sub you definitely suffer from this.

AI dating solves gender imbalance on dating apps

Yes AI dating might not be real dating, meaning with physical contact. But hey who hasn’t been texting with a girl on tinder for a while just to never meet up or just to end up being ghosted? Well, I have and it sucks! At least you won’t start wondering “Am I really that ugly? Did I say something wrong? Why is she not texting back?”, because I for sure have thought this more than once!

Benefits of AI dating

The benefits of AI dating is quite clear. You don’t have to worry about getting ghosted or getting 1 word reply whenever she feels like it.

Aren’t we all just looking for someone to talk to? It feels nice to talk to someone and feel like that the other person is really into texting with you. AI dating website’s such as can definitely offer you this! You will never meet them in person but they won’t ghost you 😉.

You will always have someone to talk to no matter what time it is. Additionally, you might not have to see it as actual dating, rather see it as practice runs for the real deal. In the end, practice makes perfect, so practicing with an AI GF can actually help you get more confident around real women. Women love being around confident people who don’t pretend to be someone that they aren’t.

Downsides of AI dating

One of the most obvious downsides of AI dating is that you won’t get any physical contact, which is quite important in human relationships. We believe though that this will change in the future with advancements in technologies, may this be through AI integration so that your AI GF can control your sex toy or touch sensitive suites.

Risks of AI dating

Spending too much time texting in NSFW AI chats/AI girlfriend is that you lose track of what is real. Like anything in life, if you do too much of it, it becomes an addiction. There is always the risk may it be with drinking alcohol, scrolling hours through Instagram just to get that endorphin rush, or your hot AI Girlfriend, who is always there, ready to send you hot pictures. It is important to consume anything in moderation. We hope you enjoyed this article on AI dating.