What are the best AI girlfriend websites in 2024?

If you are looking for a sexy AI mamacita, don’t look any further! Mamacita AI girlfriend creator enables you to create over 10.000.000 different girlfriends. So yes, you can switch your GF every day without ever running out of options.

Mamacita - Create your own AI Girlfriend

Mamacita AI Girlfriend Discovery Page

Yes, ladies and gents you can create your own AI Girlfriend. I am sure that is nothing new for you anymore, but Mamacita’s AI GF creators let you create from a variety of ethnicities, body shapes, tit sizes, personalities and so much more. If you want to learn more about it check out this article which goes into depth of the create your own AI girlfriend process.

Mamacita - Match like Tinder - without getting ghosted

We all love the thrill of Tinder, having an infinite stack of profile cards where we can just swipe through to find the ‘perfect match’. I wrote it like this because lets be honest most of us barely get any matches. It is just not in our cards, pun intended.

Mamacita got the right feature for you! You can swipe through a deck of AI girlfriends and like any good dating website you are never sure if you will match them or not. In case you do, we will guarantee you they won’t ghost you!

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2. Candy.ai - Good Allrounder

candyai website

Candy.ai is also a great AI girlfriend website that lets you create your own AI girlfriend, text with them and even send voice messages. We tried it does everything quite well, which is why we would say It is a good all-rounder website.

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3. Fantasygf

fantasygf website

Fantasygf is pretty cool too! They've got texting, picture making, and even voice calls with AI girlfriends. If you want to really step up your chat game, this could be your thing. But heads up, it's a bit pricey – about $3 a minute (that's in their token money) to talk to their AI gals.

We gave it a try, and it's got promise, but you've gotta speak super clear and slow so the AI can catch what you're saying. These were the best AI girlfriend website on 2024.